About Bannerman Consultants

Bannerman Consultants Inc is a Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based firm solving mechanical engineering problems without increasing fixed cost bases for clients in:

Martin Fandrich

Our Background

Even before earning a PhD in engineering, Dr. Martin Fandrich knew that engineers need to produce practical results that work, and that academic knowledge was only one step in that process. He started his career with Rolls-Royce, where he saw firsthand how crucial thorough engineering is in pushing the boundaries of aircraft engine design. Subsequently, he worked in England and Scotland as part of a long-established engineering and consulting firm providing technical insight into projects as diverse as the design of a tire swing and the operation of a nuclear power plant.

After returning to the Vancouver area, Dr. Martin Fandrich founded Bannerman Consultants to make efficient, cost-effective engineering analysis solutions accessible both locally and internationally. At whatever project stage they need, clients from single entrepreneurs to multi-national manufacturers have the same gateway to experienced engineers across a range of industry sectors.

With a team of multi-sector engineering consultants, Bannerman Consultants has earned a reputation for balancing excellence with efficiency and integrity with pragmatism.  We are proud to have been certified as a leader in quality management from 2013-2021 under the Organizational Quality Management (OQM) program of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia.


Solving Engineering Challenges

Our Approach

No matter what type of mechanical engineering problem a Bannerman Consultants client is facing, our objective is always the same: quickly find a high grade solution, with minimal disruption and cost. We will pursue whatever arrangement achieves this outcome. To that end, we can work with maximum independence or collaborate with your team as needed. We can operate at our premises in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, or on your work site. Whether you need extra capacity during peak periods or solutions for problems that threaten operations, we go to work quickly, with maximum flexibility and competence.