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Newsletter 38

Complexity as a Last resort

Even simple solutions can require in-depth analysis to be fully understood. Conversely, complexity can compound on itself, and be even harder to understand. Generally though, a simple answer is better. …

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Newsletter 37

Vehicles as Exhibitions of Engineering

Car and motorcycle designs have a higher profile than many engineering projects, not to mention flashier colours. As with most things, their complexity is continually increasing, making more sophisticated analysis …

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Working Through Covid-19

Fort Langley, August 2020 – Covid-19 seems like it will be with us for a while. The way most engineering offices operate has changed somewhat as a result. In many …

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Newsletter 36

Good Engineering From Humans

The fundamental skills necessary to be an engineer are not sufficient to be a good engineer, which is an additional step up that is not always taken.  Artificial Intelligence will …

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Assiduity During Covid-19

Fort Langley, May 2020 – The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone.  We at Bannerman Consultants hope first and foremost that you have been safe thus far and are able to …

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Newsletter 35

Diverse Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from numerous sources, such as watching nature or observing cyclists in the wild.  This inspiration can lead to innovation, which can also be initiated from more mundane …

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Newsletter 34

Beauty and Practicality

While some engineering accomplishments are evolutions on an existing concept, some are completely fresh takes.  Nature has always been a source of inspiration.  In many cases one needs to start …

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Newsletter 33

Engineering Simplicity or Complexity

Complicated, intensive engineering may result in an efficient, simple design. Blowing air to control flight instead of using mechanical linkages, and using shrinkage to form a complex shape instead of …

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Newsletter 32

A High Level Outlook

While we typically get buried in the minutia of our day-to-day tasks, it is worthwhile to occasionally take a longer term perspective.  This can come from a look back at …

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Newsletter 31

Understanding Ourselves

In some ways engineers have a reputation of sitting slightly outside mainstream society.  However, everything we do fits into, and affects, the populace in some way.  We need to have …

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Newsletter 30

Understanding Engineering Consequences

Engineers need to create solutions whether or not we have all the information that we want.   However, our outcomes are limited by the framework we have to predict how something …