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Newsletter 45

Weird Science

Scientists study the natural world and strive to understand innate processes. Engineers take scientific understanding and work within not only scientific limits, but also social and economic boundaries, while also …

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Newsletter 44

Looking More Closely

As engineers, we are often forced to act on assumptions.  We possibly don’t revisit those assumptions often enough.  Electric vehicles are better for the environment, right?  Isn’t the best move …

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Newsletter 43

Engineers Electrifying the Future

Oh the things we can do with electricity: we can make lasers, huge slingshots, and even chopsticks. Surely these practical innovations make it clear what engineers spend their work days …

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Newsletter 42

Learning From Animals and Experience

Nature, and unusual animal abilities in particular, can inspire engineering innovation, but what exactly gets inspired by the ability of a goldfish to drive? Clearly not all innovation leadership is …

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Newsletter 41

Project Managing Sustainability

It seems that society is on a trek to electrification. However, the actual goal is lifecycle sustainability, not just operational sustainability. Things like energy efficiency are only passages on a …

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Newsletter 40

Eliminating Foreseeable Problems

It’s easy to make devices more complicated in response to difficult specifications. It’s much harder to keep the design simple, or to innovate so that the risk does not exist …

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Newsletter 39

Real and Perceived Risk

It’s well known that public speaking frightens a lot of people.  Many millennials are also afraid of private speaking, at least on a telephone.  Fortunately there is mitigating technology: texting.  …

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Increasing Resilience in Engineering Teams

Fort Langley, March 2021 – World events can shake and suffocate entire industries, let alone individual companies. Nevertheless, Friedrich Nietzsche’s opinion was that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. …

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Newsletter 38

Complexity as a Last resort

Even simple solutions can require in-depth analysis to be fully understood. Conversely, complexity can compound on itself, and be even harder to understand. Generally though, a simple answer is better. …

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Newsletter 37

Vehicles as Exhibitions of Engineering

Car and motorcycle designs have a higher profile than many engineering projects, not to mention flashier colours. As with most things, their complexity is continually increasing, making more sophisticated analysis …

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Working Through Covid-19

Fort Langley, August 2020 – Covid-19 seems like it will be with us for a while. The way most engineering offices operate has changed somewhat as a result. In many …