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To solve your problems and meet your mechanical engineering capacity needs with surgical efficiency, we rely on our broad, multi-sector experience. Our engineering consultants draw on deep expertise in a wide variety of specific applications to generate solutions for your particular challenge.

Leverage Bannerman Consultants’ expertise in:

Technical mechanical engineering analysis

Leveraging a variety of tools and methodologies to answer the questions that will add value, manage risk, secure profits, and address service challenges


Applying advanced analysis to the design phase in order to maximize performance and profit outcomes

Stress and fatigue analysis

Ensuring products and tools will perform safely at a high level in the real world without disruptions or service challenges

Dynamic modeling

Leveraging cutting edge technologies to understand exactly how products or tools will perform in real world scenarios

Heat transfer modeling

Simulating to understand the complex processes of heat transfer

Finite element analysis

Employing mathematical methods for solving complex engineering problems

Technical risk assessment

Preserving the long-term value and safety of assets through formal and quantitative risk assessment

Certification and third-party review

Providing assurance that industry standards are being met and even exceeded

Sectors We Serve


Bannerman Consultants holds Permit to Practice number 1001408 and is a Registrant Firm with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia.  This gives us the legal authority to engage in the reserved practice of engineering within British Columbia.

Bannerman Consultants is proud to have shown leadership in quality management by our certification in the Organizational Quality Management program of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia during its existence from 2013 to 2021.

Solving Engineering Challenges

What’s your current engineering challenge?

Let’s talk about how Bannerman Consultants can add timely capacity and help you find fast, cost-effective solutions.

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