Aerospace & Gas Turbine

Adding Value to Design and Repair

Manufacturers in the aerospace and gas turbines sector must continually produce more efficient products through frequent iteration. To make each iteration count, designers must leverage penetrating engineering analysis capabilities. Testing, simulating, data management, finite element analysis, and advanced assessments of every stripe help each new product to count as a sizeable step forward. Additionally, maintenance, repair and overhaul services require engineering expertise to create innovative new repair schemes and substantiate their integrity.

How We Help

In the aerospace and gas turbines sector, our clients leverage our engineering analysis capabilities in order to design, manufacture, and repair high performance gas turbines. Specific services include:

  • Component structural integrity analysis
  • Vibration modeling
  • Thermal loading study
  • Specialist equipment design
  • Wear assessment and repair simulation
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Safety case development and fault studies
  • Hazard identification and analysis
  • Root cause failure investigation

Solving Engineering Challenges

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