Assiduity During Covid-19

Fort Langley, May 2020 – The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone.  We at Bannerman Consultants hope first and foremost that you have been safe thus far and are able to take precautions to stay safe.  Not everything has an engineering analogy, but please assess your risks and implement your mitigating actions. 

Our goal to assist you in solving difficult technical challenges and to facilitate the advancement of the art of engineering within your organizations remains.  We are continuing to operate to support our clients, in essential services and otherwise, while maintaining distancing in our activities.  The way industry functions has changed in the short term, and will continue to change as everyone evolves longer-term operational plans.  No one knows yet what permanent changes will have been made by the time we get to the other side of this.  Please let us know how we can be of service in this time of uncertainty.  Can we give you flexibility by being a component of engineering that is a variable cost?  Can we give focus to a technical area that is being overlooked with a dispersed technical team?  What are you facing?  How can we help you?