Jib Arm Project Featured in Innovation Magazine

Burnaby, July 2015 — A motion picture camera jib arm developed by Zedarm Cinema Products with engineering by Bannerman Consultants has been highlighted by the Professional Engineers of BC. The novel, professional-grade jib arm provides an extended range of floating motion while counterbalancing the camera weight. Smooth travel is essential to avoid bumpy movement on-screen, particularly for cinema feature films.

Bannerman Consultants modelled the system mathematically to optimize the placement of counterweights and to calculate the forces throughout the mechanism. Integrity calculations were used to determine the maximum safe payload as well as to minimize weight while ensuring sufficient stiffness. Following additional prototype testing, the device has been designed for manufacture.Innovation Magazine, the premier publication of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC), has an aim to showcase the innovative work of APEGBC members. An annual summer issue is published with pictorial highlights of projects across the province and internationally.