Simon Fraser University Invites Martin Fandrich as Guest Lecturer

Surrey, Canada, February 2017 — The experience of Bannerman Consultants in formal risk assessment and safety engineering is the impetus for two lectures in Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University. Martin Fandrich, PhD, PEng, of Bannerman Consultants will teach approaches for designing for technical risk within first year and fourth year courses. The content will be based on formal methods for assessing and grading risk, as well as techniques for mitigating risk.

All engineering decisions must be made in the presence of uncertainties and it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of failure. Nevertheless, systems engineering encompasses procedures for formally considering risk in order to maximize safety and increase reliability. Often, the technical engineering analyses performed by Bannerman Consultants are used to minimize technical risk, whether this is explicitly outlined within a formal technical safety case, or whether it is merely an implicit component of risk mitigation. A formal risk appraisal also allows engineering effort to be focused, which uses development resources efficiently.