Milltown Marina Boat Lift in Full Operation

Vancouver, May 2014 — Bannerman Consultants has completed the mechanical design and integrity analysis of a new boat lift that has been installed at Milltown Marinain the Marpole neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada. The lift is believed to be the only one in North America that has the capability to raise or lower a 6350 kg (14000 lb) boat 10.5 metres (34 feet) and rotate the boat 180 degrees on top of a pier. The rotation allows a forklift to load or unload a boat from either side of the lift and allows boats to be loaded from the water with the bow in either direction. Since every marina has limited sheltered dock space, the use of such a boat lift allows a marina to increase capacity and better protect boats by using dry storage.

In partnership with Surrey Fluid Power Ltd., the nameplate manufacturer of the lift and designer of the hydraulic and control systems, Bannerman Consultants also supervised the manufacture, installation and commissioning of the lift. Having passed the overload test and other acceptance testing, the boat lift is now in service lifting and lowering customer boats.