The Legacy of Neptune Wave’s Technology Development

Metro Vancouver, March 2023 – Charles Haynes was a Metro Vancouver based visionary. His vision was to harness the abundant resource of wave energy as a means of supplying green, renewable electricity. For more than a decade he drove and funded development of his Neptune Wave technology. We at Bannerman Consultants were privileged to have helped Charles recently by creating a performance simulation of his wave energy converter to help give the project a better understanding of the fundamental physics and optimal control strategies. Sadly, Charles did not live to see his vision fully realized, and the wave and tidal industry is diminished by the loss.

Wave & Tidal Energy magazine has just published an article, written by Martin Fandrich of Bannerman Consultants, about the work of Charles Haynes and Neptune Wave. It can be found on pages 4-5 of issue 41 of the UK-based magazine. We hope that Charles’ work and vision act to inspire future industry leaders.