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Micronex Rebranding Amid Global Orders

Abbotsford, Canada, May 2018 – Bannerman Consultants client Micronex Systems Inc develop industrial equipment to turn waste into resources.  To improve brand recognition of their flagship product, the KDS Micronex …

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Newsletter 28

Collaboration for Innovation

We all know that innovation is important. It is key for the growth of any company and is capable of decreasing costs and environmental impact or increasing safety. Innovation can …

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Online Presence Being Refreshed

The 10th anniversary of Bannerman Consultants will see a new digital look for the company; a new website is under development. Although the core values of expertise, integrity and flexibility …

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Newsletter 27

Knowledge is Power

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon. Engineering knowledge can take many different forms. It can be knowledge of why a design or equipment acts as it does, a common …

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Newsletter 26

Inspiration and Talent

Sometimes a significant amount of up-front engineering is required to get to a simple solution. Sometimes the solution is beautiful in itself, such as the safe completion of an automotive …

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Newsletter 25

Understanding Machines

One of the most powerful instruments for engineering is a fundamental scientific understanding of the phenomena behind the operation of a machine. Knowing how something really works allows us to …

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Newsletter 24

Champions of Sustainability

Engineers have an influential position within society for championing sustainability. In some cases this means reusing materials, but it may also mean designing a device so that it is suitable …

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Newsletter 23

What Makes Design Successful?

What makes an engineering design successful? It isn’t just solving technical challenges. The device needs to serve the end user. Subaru designed a simple car that met the needs of …

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Newsletter 22

Outside the Box

Mostly, this newsletter is about thinking outside the box. In particular, it is about testing assumptions, e.g. that standards will give efficient results or that electric cars produce no emissions. …

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Newsletter 21

The Little Details

Mechanical engineering development projects can be difficult beasts. Whether the concept is straightforward or unintuitive, the difficulty is in the details. Successful projects marry a fundamental theoretical understanding with lessons …